Missy Works In PJs

I'm so excited that you want to try the whitening paste! There is a patented polishing molecule called AP-24 that polishes the teeth without damaging the enamel. The toothpaste is part of an almost 30 year company in 50 countries known for it's skin care & has been around almost that long but has just become popular in US recently.


I believe you're gonna LOVE it! It whitens... brightens... removes stains and cleans all in one product & safe for all teeth including false. 


1 tube lasts about 6-8 weeks. Use 2x per day. Safe for ages 2 & up!
Detailed info HERE
It's AWESOME and only costs set price of $23 and that includes me mailing it to you or $20 in person 
You can pay me by Check, Paypal or Bitcoin
My address is:
Missy Backes
105 Pawnee Drive
Enterprise, AL 36330
Here's my PayPal link -  paypal.me/MissyWorksInPJs
Bitcoin - 1F4yxpsYfxFu9HpprSUXEsTtEKo7t35T9f
Please take before and after pics of your teeth!!!


Also you can SELL these too! No start up costs & no monthly requirements to make profit on each tube. Also you can build a team and earn from that in addition.